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Shocking truth about ‘Jesus Christ’ name

What’s in a Jewish or Greek-Roman name? This topic is intimately related to the issue on the falsehood of the name Jesus Christ. This is critically important, as many are being led to worship the name Jesus Christ. Preachers would even shout, declaring him worthy of praise, worship and obedience. Is there really power in […]

What is the name of the Father?

Adults have confusing views on the personal name of the Father. Some says Yahweh, some alleges Jehovah, some calls Him through a title Lord, God, Adonai or Elohim. If you notice, almost everybody has his own way of naming the heavenly Father. And they are not aware that, in addition to the initial “Yah” sound […]

Holy Spirit or spirit of Emperor Constantine?

Whose spirit is really prevailing in Roman Catholicism, Orthodox Church and Christianity, in general? This issue is worth investigating because, if the spirit that prevail in them is not the Holy Spirit but the spirit of Emperor Constantine, the logical conclusions that may be reached are, as follows; First-that, due to the gravity of the […]


Health Laws and PlacesΙPhilippine Health Laws and Places on Focus site deals on vital concerns affecting public health services in the Philippines, such as, but not limited to, implementation of Magna Carta for Public Health Workers, salary standardization law and various health regulatory laws implemented by the DOH and FDA. It includes PPHA activities.

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