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Duties and Obligations of PHWs

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Aside from the general principles and the values required from public health workers, the Code of Conduct for Public Health Workers prescribes their fourfold duties and obligations, to wit:

·         To Clienteles:

  • Attend to clients faithfully and conscientiously and strive to provide them with all the possible benefits from his/her knowledge and skills.
  • Serve at all times all people in his/her area of jurisdiction without discrimination.
  • Exercise good faith and honesty in the discharge of his/her duties and responsibilities especially in disseminating information to clients and their families.
  • Observe confidentiality on matters related
    to clients, except when otherwise required  by law, public health interest and safety or upon client’s consent.
  • Provide his/her clients the best quality service at the least cost.
  • Serve the client throughout the duration of client’s treatment or make the necessary referral until the treatment is complete.
  • Act and respond at all times on any call for his/her services.
  • At all times, maintain quality and prompt delivery of health services without discrimination, and
  • Maintain cordial professional relationship with clients.

·         To the Community:

  • Fully cooperate with local authorities in the performance of his/her duties and responsibilities
  • Assist in the administration of justice when called upon to provide expert opinion on health, public safety and medico-legal cases.
  • Provide correct and accurate information on the risk and injury to health and to life existing in the community.
  • Take the initiative to organize the community to become self-reliant for their health and medical needs, to maintain their health facilities, and to mobilize resources for health, and
  • Make himself/herself available to the community anytime his/her services are needed especially during emergencies and calamities.

·         To co-workers:

  • Maintain harmonious relationship with co-workers and avoid destructive competition with them, and
  • Seek assistance through consultations with colleagues whenever necessary for the benefit of the clients and the community.

·         To the Government:

  •  Ensure that health services are delivered to the intended population.
  • Help improve and maintain healthy population
  • Pay all taxes due the government
  • Use wisely and efficiently all equipment and facilities provided by the government to him/her for an effective delivery of public health services.
  • Strive to promote and discuss the programs of the government, especially those related to health, and
  • Strive for excellence in the performance of duties and responsibilities as a public servant.

It must be emphasized that there may be a dire legal consequence, in case a public health worker would be  found wanting in any of the above fourfold duties and obligations.

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