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PPHA Benefit Package for PHWs


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In 2005, the mortuary benefit was increased from P10,000.00 to P20,000.00 for members who are paying the provident fund of P100.00 in addition to the annual membership due of P100.00 if he or she is a non-life member. It was implemented in some local chapters but the benefit itself was not enough.

On  July 22, 2009,the PPHA National Board approved the Omnibus Guidelines on PPHA Benefit Package offering the following benefits to members in addition to the increase of mortuary benefit to P20,000.00, to wit:

  • Hospitalization Benefits for Members and their Dependents
  • Personal Loan Privileges and Retirement Benefits
  • Micro-financing for Income Generating
    Projects or Livelihood Projects
  • Legal Assistance
  • Disaster and Calamity Assistance,
  • Fellowship, study grants and attendance to conferences and conventions, and
  • Other benefits, either in kind or in the form of financial assistance, fixed and approved by the National Board

On September 13, 2011, the benefit package was further upgraded by including;

  • Assistance for  accidental injury or death of a member, and
  • Group legal assistance for devolved health workers and similarly situated health employees.

To entitle a member to the benefit package, he or she must comply the following:

  • Payment of annual membership due of P100.00 or payment of one-time life membership due of P1,500.00 prior to January 1, 2012 or P2,500 effective January 1, 2012 will only entitle a member to  mortuary benefit of only P10,000.00.
  • Payment of membership fee and provident fund of P100.00 annually will entitle the member to loan privileges and increase of mortuary benefit to P20,000.00.
  • Payment of membership fee, provident fund and  hospitalization premium of P125.00 for the initial year and P100.00 annually thereafter will entitle the member to the benefit package except accidental injury or death assistance .
  • Payment of membership fee, provident fund, hospitalization premium and accidental injury or death premium of P150.00 annually will entitle the member to all the benefits.

Separate requirements for group legal assistance to devolved health workers and similarly situated employees are prescribed.

For more information, interested parties may download a copy of the Revised Omnibus Guidelines on PPHA Benefit Package through Google search by typing the complete title of the document or from PPHA Website:

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