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How to protect yourself from COVID-19, if you are a frontliner?


By the sea

The most perplexing but sad part of COVID-19 Pandemic is, aside from patients, doctors are also dying due to the  virus. Sometimes, they die ahead of patients. As of now, Philippines has nine (9) doctors dead. Nurses, midwives and other health workers in the field and hospitals, police personnel, Bureau of Fire personnel, military and other uniform personnel are not exempted from the risk.

One policeman was reported dead due to the virus and one DOH Director was confirmed positive of COVID-19. This latter incident may finally convert the Department of Health into DOI or Department of the Infected, if given the traditional measures to prevent being infected or developing a full-blown disease.

Lockdown or extended community quarantine, surely, is a failure, based on one Senator’s behavior in spreading the virus in one hospital. As of now, what the government and the private sectors, are offering to protect frontliners are masks, with PPE suits still to be seen worn by them. And perhaps, nothing more, today and in the days to come. (more…)