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Duties and Obligations of PHWs

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Aside from the general principles and the values required from public health workers, the Code of Conduct for Public Health Workers prescribes their fourfold duties and obligations, to wit:

·         To Clienteles:

  • Attend to clients faithfully and conscientiously and strive to provide them with all the possible benefits from his/her knowledge and skills.
  • Serve at all times all people in his/her area of jurisdiction without discrimination.
  • Exercise good faith and honesty in the discharge of his/her duties and responsibilities especially in disseminating information to clients and their families.
  • Observe confidentiality on matters related (more…)

WHO Framework on Anti-Smoking Campaign


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Anti-smoking campaign is ongoing. It became a legal battle between the health sector using WHO Framework on anti-smoking campaign and tobacco industry, not only at the national level but also at the local government units level. The health sector was promoting the passage of a “model smoke-free ordinance” in LGUs but, in defense, the tobacco industry is conveniently seeking refuge in the provisions of Republic Act no. 9211 passed by Congress.

What is a “model smoke-free ordinance” and how should it be viewed vis-à-vis R.A no. 9211 otherwise known as the Tobacco Regulation Act (“TRA”) approved by former President Arroyo on June 23, 2003? (more…)