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What is PPHA?

Philippine Eagle

Watching the Philippine Eagle

The Philippine Public Health Association is a nationwide organization of public health workers. Potential members include even those who are not in the government service. At present, its membership consists of some health officials and employees at the Department of Health and its bureaus, the medical, para-medical and administrative personnel in some DOH retained medical centers and tertiary hospitals and health officials and employees at the  Center for Health Development offices.

At the local government level, the members are the health officials and employees in  some provincial, city and municipal health offices and the medical, para-medical and administrative personnel in some devolved hospitals, including the barangay (more…)


PPHA and Public Health Services

The Falls

The Falls

Are the majority of public health workers aware that Philippine Public Health Association (PPHA) is still existing? Do they know the association’s efforts to help upgrade the delivery of public health services in the country?

After 1993, a decline in membership of PPHA was noted. It  was due to the transfer of devolved health workers to LGUs when devolution of health services pursuant to R.A 7160 was implemented and due to lack of sustainable leadership that existed because of  demoralization of significant number of public health workers.

The disparity of salary and benefits received between devolved and nationally paid health workers, including the former’s inequitable treatment by local government officials had divided the public health workers.

At the hind sight, Republic Act 7160, otherwise known as the Local Government Code of 1991, experimented on health delivery system by setting apart the public health workers into two (2) groups like guinea pigs. One group is assigned to a relatively secured employment and economic status (more…)

The Ethics for Public Health Workers


Sailing at the sea

Republic Act 7305 referred to as the Magna Carta of Public Health Workers prescribes the ethical standards for public health workers, in addition to Magna Carta benefits. Under Section 14 of R.A 7305, the Secretary of Health, upon consultation with other appropriate agencies, professional and health worker’s organization, was tasked to formulate and prepare a Code of Conduct for Public Health Workers.

The Code of Conduct was promulgated on November 1999,more or less, seven (7) years after the law was passed.The Code of Conduct adopted the following general principles:

  • The primary essence of public health is service to mankind. Financial gain is merely a (more…)